Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Bonecrker #13 - DV Myths = Cold War

Most discussions on domestic violence ignore the truth surrounding it. There are dangerous double standards and myths involved in the whole industry. The myth is that women are victims of domestic violence. The truth is that most calls to the police about domestic violence are women using the system to harm their husbands and children. Rarely are such calls used to protect themselves from actual domestic violence. The truth also is that women engage in domestic violence in both equal amounts and equal severity. The double standard means men rarely call police about it. It also means children are often left at risk from it.

To put it bluntly, the whole system is a huge lie. It rarely involves itself in real domestic violence between men, women and children. Instead, it is the opening gambit when a woman seeks to destroy her family, usually through divorce.  It's no accident that the system is set up this way. Powerful, evil people set it up that way on purpose.  If you pay attention to this and other issues, you start to see a disturbing pattern of intentional manipulation of our institutions and social norms. It's as if a "cold war" was being waged on the US, trying to tear it down from within.

Why, is an interesting question. It's largely unanswerable at this time. (Edit - it's Cultural Marxism). However, who, can often be answered (big example: Hillary Clinton). These people need to be disempowered at every turn. It means becoming aware of them and voting against them. It means boycotting those people, companies and other groups you see participating in this in various ways. Realistically, it means avoiding marriage and children like the plague, for the time being.
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