Friday, January 09, 2004

Bonecrker #9 - Boycott Those Who Disrespect Men

There is only one reason you see thinly veiled hatred everywhere in commercial media. The men who run that media have sold us out to pander to women. Way back in the beginning, it was simple, harmless fun designed to get a chuckle. Nobody had disrespect for men. That was the point. That's what made it funny.

But things have changed. Most women and many men have open hatred and contempt for men and our many accomplishments together and as individuals. It's not meant to be funny anymore. It's meant to be disrespectful.

There is, of course, only one real way to deal with this situation, and that's to hit these traitors where it hurts the most... in the wallet. Watch commercial media very carefully and boycott any product with advertising that shows hatred, contempt or disrespect toward men. This includes movies. You know what makes a movie a chick flick... open contempt, hatred and disrespect toward men. If some woman wants to go see a chick flick with you, tell her no and tell her why. Make it clear that you don't accept attitudes like that from her or from anyone else. If she tests you, dump her.

A very important part of this strategy is to never give a woman any money, ever, even if she is to go spend it on your behalf. Many men let the woman buy everything. Advertisers then use hatred, contempt, and disrespect towards men as a way to pander to these women who are making all the choices on which products to buy. It's very difficult to change the women so this is no longer an effective marketing strategy. But it is extremely easy to short circuit it... just don't give women any money and boycott products harmful to men. Eventually, they will go out of business.
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