Monday, January 19, 2004

Bonecrker #19 - Tattoos and Piercings

Of course, throughout history tattoos and piercing have been used for both slavery and as body art... but not in our culture. In our culture it's deviant. Oddly enough, it is still deviant among various minorities that do have a cultural history of tattoo/piercing use, once they join our culture. In our culture, the use of tattoos and piercing on slaves/criminals was dominant. Someone who gets them here is trying to identify with that element. Sometimes it's an attempt to do so in a safe way (look at me, I'm bad, I'm cool). Unfortunately, it is mostly used in an unsafe way (look at me, I’m one of you, come fuck me). You can tell things about women who do this sort of thing... unpleasant things you would be very unwise to ignore. Less so with men though. Because so many women choose the bad men over the good, many men have taken up looking a certain way to get women. Many of my friends are like this. Most have regretted it though.

Having a visible tattoo or inappropriate piercing makes you unemployable at most professional jobs... why? Because it identifies you as not one of the elite that hold those jobs... one of the underclass. Women get these done for the same outcome... to be identified as one of the underclass who is wide open for approach by a low class man. The more wild and obvious the tattoos or piercings, or the more numerous, the lower the class. There are always exceptions but they are rare. If your daughter comes home one day with a pierced tongue, she is telling you that she has decided to give blowjobs to various inappropriate men. Drugs are often involved. The men certainly understand that signal and will come after her. This means you must be extra vigilant or bad things will happen. As I said, it is a very reliable sign.

This is a tough issue because, like all lies (the lie being that people with tattoos and piercings are normal), it has a grain of truth. Normal people do get tattoos. They get them to be naughty and feel adventurous. Men get them because they know women will mistake them for inappropriate men, and are attracted. You can tell who these people are easily. You can't see their tattoos or piercings unless they are showing off. They hide them in polite company. The exception to the exception, are women who get tattoos around their butt, breasts and vagina or people that get their sex organs pierced. These people are sending a clear message that they are a sexual object and expect to be used as such (big warning sign for men).

Even relatively normal (are there any, lol) people who belong to the BDSM scene have a strong thread of this going through them. They hate when you say that, by the way. It goes sort of like this... people think the whole point is to devalue, objectify, and humiliate your dehumanize them. But the BDSM crowd says, no no, that's not really true. We pretend to devalue, objectify, and humiliate people in order to have great sex, and they love it. Anyone who does it for real is an asshole and not welcome. Great. So you get to know them and find out that they really are trying to devalue, objectify, and humiliate people... in a bad way. Or, to put it another way, a female submissive wants you to do various bad things to her so she can have screaming orgasms. This is supposed to be limited to the bedroom. But, if you don't treat her like the crawling worm that she is all of the time, she will lose interest in you. The last thing she wants is sincerity, warmth and love from you. These things spoil her perversion. She's using you for sex and has no second thoughts about leaving once reality intrudes (ouch, I have painful memories about dealing with someone like this). The easiest way to spot a female sub is by her tongue piercing and tattoos in the form of a chain around her wrists and/or ankles.
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"'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD." --  Leviticus 19:28