Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Bonecrker #28 - Women Ignoring Good Men & Choosing Thugs/Losers

The sad fact of the matter is most women lead sad, pathetic little lives. Their life choices leave them intensely unhappy failures.... and feeling very unloved. Many completely screw up their lives creating a hopeless situation of intense suffering. A lot of the more vindictive behavior on their part is to punish someone else for the pain they are feeling. Large numbers end up alone in their later years. Half of women over 40 haven't even been laid in the last year. As far as making sense from and evolutionary point of view, they are hardly picking up good genes. Originally, their behavior did make sense. They exhibited clustering around the men with the good genes (ie, intelligent, powerful men with resources got laid like fiends, especially the leaders). This ensured that the alpha males paired off with the alpha females and the beta males paired off with the beta females. Everyone else just sorta whored around. Unlike primates, humans exhibit pair-bonding. Most everyone mates and bears children, except the small number of losers and deviants and most of the structure and resources go towards the more valuable members of society. You had occasional breeding on the sly, but usually only on the lower rungs of the pecking order, for variation. Cuckolding was punishable by death when it involved alphas or the more valuable betas. Humans also engaged in staggering. This means that all men want the younger, child bearing women, except when they are paired off. When a man's woman croaks, he takes another, but not of the same age as him... only from child bearing age. This made sense too. It forced women to pair off when they were fertile... or miss the boat so to speak.

Today, westernized women act completely different than in normal cultures and how women have acted for most of our species' history. They still exhibit clustering, but they do it now around the guys with bad genes! They ignore the guys with the good, survival oriented genes.... strength, intelligence, virility, family orientation etc. Now, it's the omega male (criminal) and to a lesser extent the zeta male (weak loser) who are sought after. The former to indulge perversions, the latter to exploit for money. Also, women resist pair bonding (lol, while men still exhibit staggering) and child birth, putting it off until the end of their reproductive cycle. Often, they end up with nothing and no one. The results of this crap are plain for everyone to see... feral children who are quite frankly, genetically weak and inferior in various ways, growing up without fathers and few resources. Divorced women with no partner and no chance of getting one ever again. The whole situation is sick and unnatural and is slowly weakening us as a people.

That is the whole point of the feminist agenda. Most of those women are nuts and also inferior. They tend to be ugly, combat boot wearing deviants on the very bottom of the pecking order. Their hope is that by weakening us all, their position will rise. It just ain't gonna happen. The only way to rise in the pecking order is to be more important to society... to provide something, preferably something rare. The assholes provide nothing and take quite a bit. They are unworthy of respect in every way. One day, people will wake up to this fact and put them in their place. Not yet. But, it's getting there.