Sunday, January 18, 2004

Bonecrker #18 - Three Rules to Follow

Several groups of very evil (and ignorant) people have worked over several generations to reduce the value and status of women to be low. But it's hidden. They are simply being attracted to men that have similar attitudes, philosophies and beliefs as them. Most women don't want the loss of status that comes with joining the trashcan of society, so they pretend and leach off of men who, looking around, see nothing better. Then they pass laws that prevent those men from simply disposing of the low quality woman once she is found out.

The truth is, those low quality women don’t belong in any way, shape or form with high quality men.  But until men are willing to say no to them the situation will continue. There are three areas it is most important to say no to... marriage (and living together, which is really the same thing), children, and jobs.

Whatever you do, don't get married to an American woman. All she wants is to take advantage of you, if not outright exploit you. Destroying you and your children is what's on her mind while stealing as much of your money as possible. Most women are very, very good at pretending they are not like this. You won't know what is going on until you come home, find every single thing from the house gone and get served with papers at work. Don't let a woman move in with you. Her only purpose is to manipulate you a little at a time, until you are married. If you balk, she will seek revenge in some way. Once you let the camel get its head in the tent, it gets all the way in. Then it is almost impossible to get her out, and your belongings usually wind up strewn across the desert. It’s a good idea not to be monogamous. A woman's manipulation is a joke if you simply ignore her and fuck another one of your pearls on a string. She will leave without notice or second thoughtsmarried or not. If you have several girls, this is no big deal. You simply spend time with the others until you replace her. Having more than one woman makes other women want you more, not less.

You must have an iron clad grip on birth control. Almost all of the government help in twisting your nuts long term is related to paternity. Avoid the whole issue by having a vasectomy. Talk to your doctor about if it can be reversed or not. Have some sperm frozen (only you know about it) if you have to. Never tell anyone you are fixed. This guarantees your right to reproductive choice. If you don't reserve the right to choose, the choice will be made for you, usually in a way that destroys everyone's life.

Be very resistant to hiring women or empowering them in any way. Focus on performance issues. A handful of women throughout our entire history have traveled with the hunters, instead of the mommies. That's normal. But most women in the work force aren't part of that breed. They are frauds. Insist on equality in performance and most of these women will come up short. The easiest way to handle this is to give women tough, high profile assignments. When they fail, you have a ready excuse to get rid of them. If they don't fail, you have one of the rare ones that isn't a fraud. They make great tokens. If your boss is the stupid type that lets women in because they might sleep with him, take him out and get him laid. Men who are getting it don't want or need the hassle of importing pussy at work. If your boss allows women to sleep with him to get promotions, get the dirt on him, then (anonymously) let his wife know what is going on, with proof. This gets rid of two birds with one stone. The most dangerous weapon an enemy can give you is the knowledge of their vices. This is an important thing to know. If you systematically and faithfully destroy your own vices, you go a long way toward making yourself invulnerable to your enemies. Take advantage of this disparity in power by destroying your enemies utterly. Never give them the opportunity to employ this concept against you.