Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bonecrker #29 - Passive Aggression Related To The Female Orgasm

When a woman orgasms, it has little to do with what the man is doing to her and mostly to do with what she is doing inside her head.

A woman can easily orgasm with any man she chooses to. If the woman you are with isn't orgasming, it's because she chooses to see you as someone who isn't sexually stimulating, hence the need for “romance”. It is extremely important to understand that (within limits) how sexual you appear toward a woman isn't under your direct control. You can slim down, lift weights and even get cosmetic surgery and she won't be attracted. She will, temporarily, be attracted to a guy who makes himself unavailable. And she definitely will be attracted if you make yourself inappropriate in some way (leather jackets, tattoos, earrings and other bad boy image stuff are favourites).

Part of this is the hilarious situation that often a woman you barely know orgasms like a banshee at the slightest stimulation, and then becomes completely frigid later on in the relationship. Often they will try to mask this as "issues with intimacy". But what is really going on here is she is purposefully shutting down her own sexual impulses because she no longer thinks she needs to please you anymore.

This isn't true with men. A woman who makes herself look in certain stereotypical ways will make herself generically attractive to all men. And a woman who screws you with ardour and skill, will definitely make you orgasm.

The point here is frigidity in women is a big warning sign. It is intentional passive-aggressive behavior that is just a part of the bigger issue of disrespect. If a woman starts having "sexual problems" like this, dump her immediately, for two reasons: The next one won't (i.e., there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you are fucking her) and, the woman you just dumped seems to have no problem orgasming with the biker/meth dealer living next door (even though, he is so drugged out of his mind, he can barely get it up).
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