Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Bonecrker #14 - Ritalin & Abusive Schools

This is more than just typical gender bias coming to play. It's hardcore child abuse. Its cooperation among mothers, female teachers and a handful of doctors to get children hooked on dangerous drugs (Ritalin is amphetamine, speed). The DEA is considering restricting Ritalin prescription, the same way it restricts Valium, for the same reason... wide spread abuse leading to recreational use by prescription. Also, Ritalin is one of the most common things used to make crystal meth. It's a widespread problem in schools. Typically, a woman will drag her son to doctor after doctor until she gets one that agrees to prescribe it... because most know damn well the kid does not have ADD and the mother is trying to use drugs to zone out her kid so she can spend her time eating bon bons, drinking, smoking crack, screwing drug dealers or whatever else she does instead of watching her children.

Understand that very bad people have infiltrated our schools with the deliberate intent to harm children. This is one of those ways. The deliberate with-holding of education is another. A third is attempting to brainwash children to accept sick and perverted ideals that are specifically at odds with what their parents want for them. Many women are only too glad to cooperate, unfortunately.

ADD is actually a rather rare condition that is related to to two things... mild to severe mental retardation and drug use. Those commercials you see on TV about possible adult ADD never mention that drug use (and severe alcohol abuse) is almost the exclusive cause of adult ADD. In children, you almost never see ADD (separate from drug use) except in mildly retarded children that got that way because their mothers drank heavily or smoked crack while pregnant.

If your ex-wife is attempting to abuse your children by getting dangerous prescription drugs or surgery for them, you need to get your lawyer on the phone double quick and get an order to cease and desist. Threaten to use it to take away custody (if she won't stop, challenge custody). This issue will come up with frightening regularity.
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