Friday, January 30, 2004

Bonecrker #30 - Desperate Non-Housewives

As women age, their ability to get men plummets. Paradoxically, their standards go through the roof because they know the next one will be the last one (and they have been led toward an attitude of entitlement due to their past experiences with men). Then, their ability to get a man drops to zero, just about the time a woman hits 40. The inability to get the type of man they think they deserve and being left with no future and zero options, leaves a woman incredibly bitter and used up. The irony is that a great many men would at least fuck them (nobody wants them as a wife), but because of the bitterness, they opt out.

You always see the same thing. A 40ish woman, average looks, who hates men, but wants the top 1% quality wise... and has nothing to offer.

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