Sunday, January 04, 2004

Bonecrker #4 - Immature or Evil?

I think it's dangerous to chock women’s extremely fucked up behaviour to capriciousness, childishness and immaturity. These are innocent qualities you attribute to children that often make them endearing. You tolerate them. The crap that women do is much more akin to what criminals do......a repeated pattern of victimization with testing before hand to see if it is safe. If you tolerate criminals, they see it as a green light....same with women. Children, on the other hand, with very rare exceptions, are intrinsically good. They need guidance, not suppression of evil instincts and behaviour. Children grow up healthy and wealthy and wise, with proper guidance. American women are completely unaffected by guidance.

To put it another way, American women are not walking astray. They are engaged in intentionally evil acts with full awareness of what they are doing. If it was the former, you would simply shepherd them to another, better way. Since it's the latter, your behaviour must be designed to severely limit your potential as a victim.
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