Sunday, May 02, 2004

Bonecrcker #124 - Women on Online Personals Are Just Wasting Your Time

Almost all of the women on online personals are only there to waste your time and they have no intention of meeting anyone. If a woman isn’t interested in meeting you for coffee, sooner, rather than later, it means one of two things: She is either only interested in wasting men’s time and not going to be meeting anyone, no matter what…..or, she has decided that you aren’t worth meeting, although she will happily string you along. In neither of these cases should you waste more than a smidgen of your valuable time. Online dating is a good deal for women but a lousy deal for men because of the simple fact that most men doing it are serious and most women doing it are not. The goal here should be to quickly screen out the potentials from everyone else, not to waste hours and hours with women who have no intention of doing anything ever with you or anyone else. The potentials want to write a few emails back and forth and then meet you….not on a date, but in a casual, relaxed atmosphere they can leave easily. And most of those will never see you again after that. You’ll have to approach a hell of alot of women to get one bite. Either that or find a way to get the high probability women to answer your own ad. That’s tough to do because most of the idiot men email every woman on the system, filling her mailbox with a hundred emails a day (mostly losers).

That’s the big problem with online personals. Just like going to the nightclub, the women there have too many options and too many men trying to get their attention. Their goal isn’t the same as your goal. Your goal is to meet someone. Their goal is to have their worth validated. Their goal is met right away so why should they do anything more? A fraction of them have the same goal as you. But the ratio of men to available women who want to meet them is like 100 to a 1000 to one. Of course, that one is screwing a dozen or so men a month. You see this very clearly in a lot of their profiles….saying something to the effect of, oh, I’m just here because I am curious, but if I happen to meet someone who is a cross between Bill Gates and Fabio, I might go on a date with them if I feel like it. It’s a bad scene for a man.

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