Friday, May 14, 2004

Bonecrcker #136 - Not All That Opposed To Gay Marriage

Actually, I’m not all that against gay marriage. I think it is a bad thing. The reason I think it is a bad thing is because every gay person I meet seems to be a total wacko. I’m sure there are legitimately gay people out there (homosexuality is a present in most species so it can’t be a quirk of human failings) but I haven’t met them. Not only that, but all gay relationships I’ve seen have been disposable, with little to no real love or intimacy between the partners. This is not a situation that should be honoured within the religious institution of marriage. It’s disrespectful and cheapens the meaning of others marriages. Worse, it makes marriage a joke. This situation could change if gay people got their act together. Be gay, not crazy. Have REAL relationships based on love and intimacy. Then, marriage might be a good thing. That being said, a huge number of heterosexual marriages aren’t legitimate anyway and it is more and more becoming a simple contract between two people and the state. So, what difference does it make? Marriage has been severely degraded anyway. Gay marriage just doesn’t even pretend it’s a sacred institution anymore.

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