Monday, May 17, 2004

Bonecrcker #139 - Religious Women & Projection

Women become devoted to religion for reasons unrelated to piety. Usually, they do it because they are nuts. That’s as in FUCKING nuts!  What’s going in here is one of the most primitive defence mechanisms. They did and continue to do (it’s important to understand that almost all of them CONTINUE to do) sinful acts. In order to protect themselves from the guilt, they need to project (as in the defence mechanism of projection) that onto someone else. One excellent way to do that is to join one of the more strict religions. Now, they can spend all their time pointing at other people and saying how bad they are.

Want to have some fun? Find one of these and start confronting them about their own bad behavior. They FREAK out.

An example. One friend of mine is divorced and soon afterward got himself a new girlfriend that had recently become born again (hehehe). She is always talking about men who cheat on their wives, girls who sleep around, blah, blah, blah. He and I play various online games and one day while we were doing stuff, I casually remarked, “So, how’s your new slut?” She happened to be reading over his shoulder and went ballistic…..screaming, jumping up and down, shattering dishes against the wall etc. Later on, I find out why her reaction was so strong. Turns out that she had been a swinger for many years. She started cheating on my friend. She was going out with her married friend and they were picking up grunts at a bar near the base and going to a motel room and having orgies (them two plus several guys). My friend found out and kicked her ass out. But, not before napping hundreds of photos taken with a digicam and stored on her computer. He had an X-rated Yahoo group about Asians (she was Thai) and he had those posted there for the longest time. Hilarious.

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