Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bonecrcker #127 - Timing is Important

Timing is so important. So is understanding the nature of “friends” as a non-sexual boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that can’t be sexualized (usually). It’s dangerous to spend time with a woman or to spend time talking with a woman without expressing a sexual interest in her. Every second you do that makes it more and more likely that the relationship will slip into the friends’ zone. It’s one of the key ways in which women are sick because in order to have a satisfying, loving relationship with someone, you need to spend time bonding with them. They go out of their way to prevent this important aspect of human existence. Instead, they size you up for manipulation. During this key time they constantly test to see if you will be the one to decide what happens or if you will be led around by the nose to do things that aren’t appropriate. One important thing they are looking for is if you will waste time on someone who isn’t your lover. If they find out the answer to that is yes, it’s all over. The best way to handle that is to be terse with any woman that you aren’t sleeping with. Don’t give the time of day to a woman unless she is showing strong signs of sexual interest. If she is, immediately try to sexualize the relationship. The problem is you can never ask for sex. Asking a woman for anything means she has something you want and she will use that to try and get you to do inappropriate things. Instead, you need to be seductive and suggestive (obviously, this only works on a woman who is interested anyway). You aren’t asking a woman for what you want. You are giving her what she wants. Key skills to develop are the ability to say no to everything a woman asks for, no matter how small. Later, give it to her, but on your own terms. Example: Can we go out to dinner tonight? No, I prefer to eat in. A couple of days later, surprise her with a night out at a restaurant. Delayed gratification. Perhaps the most important area to do this with is sex. Kiss me! Don’t be in such a rush.

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