Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Bonecrcker #134 - Choosing Not To Marry is Much More Involved Than Just Saying "Hey, I Don't Want To Be Married"

Choosing not to marry is much more involved than just saying, “Hey, I don’t want to be married”. Perhaps, the number one rule involved is you must never allow a woman to live with you for any reason. You WILL constantly run into various reasons why your current woman “needs” to move in with you “temporarily”. I use the quotes because near 100% of the time, the reason is contrived and the temporary will somehow become permanent. Understand that a master is trying to manipulate you. Whatever reason pops up will look natural, innocuous and important enough for you to consider breaking the rule. Your biggest enemy will be not having access to sex and affection from other sources, making that particular woman too important to you. If you care too much, she will use this against you 100% of the time and you won’t suspect a thing because you will think she is better than that (right up until the time she screws you over).

The best defence against this is to simply date multiple people. You never tell them about eachother except to let them know in no uncertain terms that you see other people on a regular schedule that is absolutely none of their business. You must constantly be looking to add new women to this list because the old one will cycle out at a rate anywhere from a few dates (by date, I mean you have sex with them and do something fun you want to do with them) to a couple of years. The relationship is time limited (it’s ALWAYS time limited, no matter what you do….date, get serious, get married, whatever… exceptions). The idea here is you and she ain’t close enough for her to ask for a major favor (like a place to live for awhile). And, you certainly aren’t moving toward any type of relationship. This directly contradicts what most women SAY they want with a man. Luckily, they are completely full of shit and will screw a man on a regular basis when they barely know him. All women do this (well, all women would do this but some are just too inexperienced or too scared or too nuts to do this)…..they just do it only while going through certain ”phases”. In other words, when looking for women to add to your harem, nothing about you really matters and how you relate to a woman is of minor importance. What matters is timing.  Is that particular woman in “whore” mode or not (about 50/50). Next, has she decided she would sleep with you (about 10%) which is almost entirely random but different women limit themselves to a specific social class (determined by how you dress and act) at any particular time. What really matters is, would she sleep with you, right now. This also is entirely random, but a good rule of thumb is, for any man, a random 1% of all women you come into contact with, will sleep with you.

The trick is to recognize her and then add her to your list of women you screw. With three or four pearls on a string, you become almost immune to manipulation. Certainly, you won’t hesitate to tell a woman to fucking get lost; especially if you are hot to add someone new.

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