Thursday, May 13, 2004

Bonecrcker #135 - With Gay Marriage Legal, Gays Might Stop Getting Into Marriages That Are a Lie

Well, at least with gay marriage legal, they might stop getting into heterosexual marriages that are a lie, living a secret double life and then abandoning their partner.

Then again, since most homosexual behavior has almost nothing to do with being gay but is, instead, a manifestation of an crazy person starting to deteriorate, maybe not.

It works something like this. A crazy person gets married. Having a long history of deviant behavior, particularly drug use and promiscuity (particularly promiscuity involving deviant partners, multiple partners and degrading situations), they decide to settle down and lead a normal life. What this means is they usually find a relatively normal partner, marry them and proceed to make their life a living hell with one out of control behavior after another. One day, they decide they are gay and abandon their family.

You can always tell what’s going on by the behavior of the person. They don’t just do this in a vacuum but virtually all their behaviour revolves around pathology and boy, do they make their spouse suffer during the marriage.

My friend, who decided at the age of 55 that she was a lesbian, comes to mind. The last I allowed her to talk to me, she had decided to go off on a retreat (she’s a witch, which is a major clue) where people had sex with dead bodies. She’s not gay. She’s a freak. And I’m well rid of her. So is her husband.

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