Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bonecrcker #149 - Women Don't Actually Have Personality Disorders, They Have Asshole-ism

Women don’t actually have personality disorders (except the ones that have eating disorders…..the two go hand in hand). They have asshole-ism. There is a very big difference between mental disorders and fucked-upness. Mental disorders are diseases. They can be treated with varying degrees of expectation that the treatment will work. When under stress, the disease remains or even gets worse. Fucked-upness is an affectation caused by someone’s self-willed behavior. When under stress (for example, a life threatening situation), it vanishes. Since it is not a disease, it cannot be treated. It only ends when the person doing it decides to improve their behavior. Once that happens, it instantly goes away.

When I say women are sick, I’m being facetious. There is nothing “wrong” with them and certainly nothing is going on that they don’t have control over. They are being assholes in a way that looks like personality disorders. Actually, the whole idea of personality disorders is controversial. Because they are resistant to treatment and not well understood, some people don’t think they are actual disease.

Personally, I DO think they are actual mental illness because a person with such a diagnosis does not have strong, immediate control over the behavior (i.e., they can decide they’ve had enough but be unable to change). Women don’t fall into this category (mostly). Any woman, at any time, can accept the awareness of what the problem is and immediately correct it….gaining a happy and fulfilling life in the process. Most will NEVER accept that responsibility. The only way to affect this situation is to surround them with evidence of what the problem is (them). If everywhere they look there are happy, successful couples (American men married to foreign women), they might decide they want some of that. But probably not. What will happen is, their daughters will see it and won’t grow up the same way their mothers did.

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