Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bonecrcker #141 - If You Don't Have Sex On The First Date, Your Chances Of Having Sex With Her At All Are Slim

If you don’t have sex with a woman on the first date, your chances of having sex with her at all are slim. The other side of that coin is, if you have sex with a woman you almost always can have sex with her multiple times in the future. Your goal on a “date” is not to impress a woman with endless blather but to make an excuse for her to come back to your place where you can seduce her. MOST of the time, if you aren’t totally wasting your time with a girl, she will come back to your place under the slimmest of excuses. She is going back there for sex. If she balks, makes a weird excuse etc., you might as well get rid of her (your not getting any, probably ever). The excuse needs to be reputable (so she can pretend she didn’t actually go back to your place for sex…..women are ummmm, nuts). "Hey, come back to my place so we can watch this chick flick on my DVD," is good. "Come and see the A-frame I built next to my bed," is not.

This is one of the many lies women tell. They SAY, they want to get to know a man and generate a certain amount of closeness, before engaging in a physical relationship. But what they DO is is decide within seconds of seeing you if they will have sex with you. The invitation lasts from seconds to several hours, and often has absolutely nothing to do with you (ie, she feels like a slut at that moment in time, and you are acceptable). That’s not normal. It’s not a good thing. But, it’s the way things are.

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