Saturday, May 08, 2004

Bonecrcker #130 - Never Allow a Woman to Call You a Friend Until You've Had Sex at Least Once

I’ve been friends with many women and had sex with them. If anything, my sexual desire for them has made me a better friend because the level of intimacy and their importance to me is greater. The problem is, they won’t be friends back. Totally self-absorbed and obsessed with self-destructive and manipulative behavior, women aren’t capable of being anyone’s friend.

However, that’s not what we are really talking about here. We’re talking about a woman who actually rejects you as a man but wants to use you for something. To keep you in her life, she makes you a “friend”. But what does that mean? It means you are a second class love interest. You are expected to do things for her but are unworthy of her doing things for you. There are a great many things a woman COULD do for you as a real friend (for example, actually give a shit about you, lol). However, the only thing women actually do for men, is give them sex. At least, that’s the only thing my female friends ever gave me, despite what I wanted from them. Never allow a woman to call you a friend until you’ve had sex with her at least once. And for God’s sake, don’t believe her when she says it. You may be her friend. But she isn’t yours. She may be your lover but you are nothing but disposable to her. In the beginning, you have some respect from her that rapidly diminishes. When it’s gone, so is she. But if you start out as “friends”, there will never be even a shred of respect for you. You are NEVER a friend to her. You are that guy she keeps around that isn’t good enough to be her lover.

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