Sunday, May 16, 2004

Bonecrcker #138 - Sexist! Offensive!

The whole PC, feminist nonsense is only a half truth, as far as they are concerned. When a good (read, safe) man does anything even the slightest bit non-grovelling, it’s sexist and offensive. But if a man who treats them like dirt does it, it’s sexy.

The same woman who is highly offended because some 100K a year educated professional glances at her ankle, will happily spread her legs for homeless guy with missing teeth who tells her she is a ‘ho.

And we wonder why young men are dressing with their pants down around their ankles, going yo’ yo’ yo’ all the time, emulating this crap. They do it because being a normal person doesn’t work.

Women are supposed to go after dominant men. Men who take what they want and pay for it…..intelligent, successful, and charismatic. But, they treat these guys like losers. Instead, they go after DEVIANT men…..rude, ignorant, weak, bad habits, but most of all…..treats them with a single ounce of respect. In other words, someone who reinforces the way they see themselves and is a match for how they REALLY are.

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