Monday, May 31, 2004

Bonecrcker #153 - People Can Choose Anything They Want To... But They Can't Choose The Consequences

Feral isn’t a good term. It implies that people have returned to a wild, natural state, much like a pet will if you abandon it. Savage is a better term. A good portion of what a human is (which is different from every other creature on the planet), is a matter of choice. When we raise children, we can choose to put good things or bad things into them. When they get older, they can choose what they bring into themselves. It’s been this way since homo-sapiens first swung down out of the trees and chose to live like men, not animals. We can choose to live like good men or bad men. Unlike animals, that choice isn’t made for us already by our biology. It’s the source of our power and also the source of our folly……depending on the natural consequences of the choices we make.

Increasingly, women are choosing to bring bad things into themselves and to pass on those bad things to their children. They look for men WHO WILL ASSIST THEM IN THIS TASK. At the very least, they shirk their responsibility to bring good things into themselves and put good things into children. Instead, they let random people influence themselves and their children. A lot of evil people know about this and seek to exploit this situation for various ends (for example, gangs, pimps, drug dealers, and other miscellaneous scum).

One thing that REALLY pisses women off is when you point out the specific consequences of things they do. They get highly offended, thinking you are trying to manipulate them (being huge manipulators, they think everyone else is too). There is a grain of truth to this. Often, when someone is trying to manipulate you, they will punish you with shame and anger, anything to attach a negative emotion onto whatever it is they want to change for their benefit. They are a bit vague and ambiguous on the connection. You should/should not do that thing. Why? Because it’s right/wrong. What they mean by right is what they want. What they mean by wrong is what they don’t want. But this isn’t what I’m talking about.

People can choose to do anything they want to. But they can’t choose the consequences. That’s what I’m talking about. Women constantly get these two things confused. They want to be free to do whatever thing they want AND to choose the consequences. This isn’t possible. It’s like someone jumping off a building and expecting not to fall.

The ingenuity of men is one long history of using superior understanding to seem to break the laws of nature for some benefit. But it’s only an illusion. What’s actually happening is men learn more laws of nature and combine them to get a different outcome. For example, if you jumped off a building with a parachute, you might get a completely different consequence. That’s great. It’s why MEN have been the ones to build everything of consequence for the last several thousand years.

But women see this and are fooled. They see the man jumping off the building in a parachute and landing safely. So, they insist, it’s OK to just jump off. After a few have fallen to their death, they start screaming at men to do something. They get royally pissed when you hand them a parachute, and they throw it away, usually screaming about how worthless you are the whole time. A few more fall to their deaths. Finally, the men throw their hands up in frustration and walk away.

Some get so fed up, they leave and cross the mountain range to the next tribe over. They strike up a conversation with a local girl and mention the parachute they invented. The girl smiles and says…..oooooh, a parachute, how does it work, can I try it?

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"Every day for the past thirty years, you high-heeled pit-bulls have blamed us for everything; from not being able to get into Harvard, to not being able to get into stretch-pants." -- Al Bundy


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