Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Bonecrcker #133 - Don't Date Women

The problem with "dating" is that you are spending time and effort to impress and keep them. Firstly, that’s a pain in the ass. It yields meagre rewards for lots of effort. Second, it doesn’t work. They WILL leave. Also, the rewards will be great in the beginning and get crappier as time goes on. Why not get rid of her? Seriously, you shouldn’t be seeing any one woman more than once every couple of weeks or once a month. She will ask for more. Your answer to this (and almost everything any woman, except your mom, asks of you) is no. If she wanders off, oh well. She was going to do that anyway. Ironically, she stays LONGER if you are unavailable. Don’t talk to her on the phone (30 secs = whoops, gotta run, I’m busy). Don’t call her until it is time for her to come over. Hell, don’t talk to her much at all except to tell her to do things. If she says no, dump her. Women only start to say no when they are ready to leave and nothing changes their mind.

The point here is you should be spending almost no energy on any one woman and instead should be focussed on screening the general population for new ones. Women are not sincere and they don’t care even a little bit about you, no matter what you do (although they will pretend otherwise to get something from you). Plus, they are near random in whether they will suck your cock or not 5 minutes after you meet them. The implications for this are immense. You should expend nearly no effort on any woman. Testing for who you will approach is, will she suck your cock….now! Everything else is a lie.……because they have gone out of their way to make it a lie. Of course, don’t tell them that. NEVER tell them that. They will constantly ask you why about different things. The reason you give them should always be some version of, I’m busy or I don’t want to or just NO! They will inevitably give you the ultimatum (spend more time with me or I’m gone). Realize that she already IS gone and is just trying to find out if you will let her torture you or not during her last days. Your answer must always be…..bye bye.

As incredible as it may sound, if you are an emotionally (often physically) unavailable bastard out solely for your own benefit without even a casual regard for her wants and needs, all of her friends will want to fuck you too.

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