Thursday, May 20, 2004

Bonecrcker #142 - Buffy & Xena

One interesting thing about both of these shows is they started out OK. The female heroine is a legitimate human archetype. You see this very clearly, it being present in various myths, legends and other stories in every culture, including our own. Buffy and Xena were good shows with good plot. But, somewhere along the way, they were hijacked. The message became more and more anti-men, anti-family, pro-lesbian, and pro-evil. Ironically enough, the quality of the plots took a rapid nosedive soon after. Let’s face it, women do NOT drive the demographic for TV except the most vapid shows, specifically targeting them (i.e. soaps). Its men these shows were popular with…..probably because men are attracted to alpha females and the archetype of the rare heroine falls in that category.

What’s scary is I think this was intentional. Get men hooked on an attractive archtypal character…..then subtly manipulate that character to introduce negative qualities that aren’t really there, to manipulate men into finding those negative qualities (ie hatred of men, etc) to be desirable. Somebody with an agenda and a pop psych degree is behind this.

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