Saturday, May 15, 2004

Bonecrcker #137 - Be a Lover, Not a Provider

I’m sorry to have to tell you this but things aren’t the way they should be. ALL women are flakes. And ALL women have sex with men right away (even the extremely religious and prudish ones). A woman SHOULD spend time getting to know you and evaluating your decency as a person……but they don’t. NONE of them do. Instead, they decide within a few seconds if they will sleep with you or not. If they decide no, you have zero chance with them but they will pretend like you do if you are aggressive enough or if you start giving them things. This always turns out badly. Even if they decide yes, they will make you wait if you start giving them stuff or if you act too interested (they want to see if you will give them stuff). If you hook up with them but don’t seem that interested, then they will go after you. Most don’t want to look like a slut and so will only do sexual things if you give them some form of rationalization. For example: We are going back to my place to watch a movie, not to have sex. The really insane ones act sexual and don’t care if they are sluts out in the open. Usually they are substance abusers/high risk sexual partners. So look out!

Your best bet as a man is to immediately try to sexualize any relationship. If a woman doesn’t cooperate, immediately dump her. The reason is simple. She either has decided no, and you will NEVER have a chance with her, so what is the point? Or, she has decided to exploit you first. And that sets a bad precedent. If a woman sees you as a provider, she will make you wait. If she sees you as a lover, she won’t. Normally, this should not be a problem. But women don’t respect providers. They abuse them and then dispose of them.

Be a lover, not a provider.

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