Sunday, April 04, 2004

Bonecrcker #96 - Celibacy Doesn't Equal Immunity

A lot of guys I’ve known have thought they are immune when they aren’t dating and mating. Every single one of them got royally burned by the “woman who is the exception”. What happened was they were so starved for intimacy that they became a prime mark for some woman. Realizing that this was one of the men who know something is very wrong with women, she proceeds to pretend that she is the one woman in a million who isn’t like that. And for a while, she is. What happens is the man is so overjoyed at finally having some pussy that he turns a blind eye a few months later when things subtly (or not so subtly) change. He ignores “dings” (odd inconsistencies in what a woman does or says). He ignores warning signs and allows the woman to get a death lock on his life by moving in and/or getting pregnant. Sometimes she is actually able to convince him to get married, even with extreme warning signs (Honey, I know I was a drug prostitute during college but I’m a different person now, hehehe).

No man thinks it can happen to him. But it will.

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