Friday, April 30, 2004

Bonecrcker #122 - The Advantage The Big City Has Over The Small Town

The one advantage a big city has over a small town is “the strip”. It’s different in every city but they invariably have a section where there are a lot of bars (the places you go to drink and perhaps listen to the band). Why is this important? Because a HUGE percentage of women go to these places to meet men. But, also, a huge number of women go to these places to waste time. How to tell them apart? Simple, the ones looking for men are alone. At the very most, they have one girlfriend with them. The less there is to do in the bar besides drink, the more intensely they are looking for a man. A good investment in time is to simply tour these places on Friday and Saturday night. Walk through looking for women that catch your eye (literally, catch your eye). Walking through a dozen or so of these places is bound to turn up one woman who is a hot prospect (ie someone who is both looking for a man and is strongly interested in you). You are literally anonymous until you home in on a high probability prospect (NEVER waste your time on anyone else…’s a losing game). You just don’t have that luxury in a small town. Everyone will rapidly know you. If you fail to jump on a hot prospect in that situation….1) she won’t be a hot prospect later on, 2) new prospects don’t show up and all the other women will have already permanently put you in the non-fuckable category, and 3) people will think you are a weak dateless loser for not being able to get some from your hot prospect and avoid you.

This is probably the only saving grace living in the city has and most men don’t understand it at all. They’re all going out and spending a lot of money (and wasting a lot of time) going to the dance clubs. While, all the women who want to actually have sex are out at the bars.

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