Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Bonecrcker #105 - Stalkers

You know, I’ve never met a man before who exhibits the behavior of a stalker. But I have met several women who have. I’ve even been stalked by a woman for a period of years. She would call up, sometimes say perverted things and hang up but later, just call and say nothing for awhile and then hang up. I’d move have an unlisted phone number and peace for a few weeks, and then she’d find out somehow and start up again. I had made the mistake of dating this woman when I was a freshman in college. I decided she was a deranged wacko and broke it off. Her response was to try and run me down with her car (hehe, she missed). After about 4 years of the calls, she lost interest.

A female “friend” of mine got involved with a married, soon-to-be-divorced man (yeah right). When he inevitably decided to return to his wife and child, she started to stalk him…..showing up at his work, following him around, and calling his house all the time. Stupidly, this guy fucked her again. Just after he came, while he was still lying in bed, she called his wife on the phone and yelled at her, “Guess what, I just fucked your husband.” And she doesn’t understand why I don’t want to know her anymore.

Like many things, stalking is something something most women do and only a handful of men do.

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