Sunday, April 18, 2004

Bonecrcker #110 - The Problem With Discussing Things With Women

The problem with discussing things with women is their half of the debate is essentially made up on the spot with no basis in reality and subject to change instantly to either prove them right or to support a decision they’ve already made at random. That’s a big difference between men and women. Men use critical thinking to make decisions while women use critical thinking to rationalize decisions they’ve already made. If the decision they made worked, the rationalization tends to be of high quality. If the decision fails (usually, it does) then the quality of the rationalization is intentionally poor, to cover up specific things they did that caused the failure and to avoid taking responsibility and (gasp) change, at all costs. Obviously, you can’t work out things or negotiate with a person who does this and shouldn’t even try. A side effect is they will hate you if you manage to box them in a corner analytically and will disrespect you if you just give up. It’s a lose/lose situation, so why bother? The limit should be……Hey, I’m going out to “fill in the blank”, wanna come? No. Ok…..bye. The bad news is she made that decision at random. So, you can’t change her mind (well, sometimes you can, but it’s degrading and just not worth the effort). The good news is, ask enough women and one will randomly say yes.

This is a far cry from being normal. But it is what it is. Normal would be a woman only considering men she thought were attractive and then getting to know men from that pool until she found one that was compatible, then focussing her attention on that man until love started to develop. Then start a sexual relationship with that man. No woman does that.

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