Monday, April 19, 2004

Bonecrcker #111 - Gaining Power With Women

The way you get power with women is to get one, and then you have slightly more power with women than you had before. Where most men fuck up is they immediately stop trying to be with any woman except who they are already with. This is a normal and natural thing to do. You are SUPPOSED to seek a deeper relationship and foster love between you. But women just aren’t interested in that and actually disrespect any man who follows that strategy with women. What you should do is keep on looking for women and use the extra oomph you have from already being involved to more easily get a second. This gives you even more power with women so you can get a third. Now, it’s time to use that extra power to get rid of the ugliest one and replace her with a higher status woman. In general, women who are married are the lowest status as are fat women (i.e. they make a good starting point). Older women have lower status than younger ones. Richer girls are more status than poor, uneducated ones. And everyone knows that pretty girls and sexy girls (not necessary the same thing) have the highest status of all.

The only way to have power with women is to start at the bottom and work your way up. But, somewhere along the way (usually, right at the beginning) the women will try to derail you and get you to be exclusive with them. They rightly point out that it is the normal thing for men and women to do. Unfortunately, they have no intention of doing their part and your status drops dramatically if you take the bait. Simply say no and continue what you are doing. They will try to force you by walking out the door. Let them.

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