Saturday, April 17, 2004

Bonecrcker #109 - The Benefits of Boys-Only Schools

Boys want girls but girls only want boys who are part of the criminal class of society (their mothers taught them that boys like this are desirable by choosing men who are like this). Boys from that class can barely read. So, to avoid becoming low status, boys avoid all those things that are connected with being a normal, educated man. They start getting involved with things that attract girls, like drug use and gang violence. They’ve seen their mother kick out their father and spend time with every loser on the planet, so they think that’s what a successful man is all about. An unsuccessful man was their father who wanted to stay but was forced away and probably victimized financially by mom (ie he’s powerless, a loser, a failure). And people wonder why young boys want to emulate the criminal?

By having a boy’s only school, the men who ran it were able to control what brought a boy status. Gee, what surprise, academic success brings status in that environment so boys there seek it. That would have ended with the first girl student admitted.

If it was the straight A student/captain of the football team that was popular with girls, things would be different. Instead, it’s the failing drug addict smoking pot behind the gym while cutting classes. If he’s carrying a gun, he’s even more attractive.

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