Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bonecrcker #93 - She's Lying

The problem here is that women lie about anything and everything….often for no reason at all. Most men, not being liars themselves, never consider that other people, particularly their women friends and loved ones, are liars. It takes getting burned, often several times, before a man wakes up to rule number one when dealing with women……don’t listen to anything they say, no matter how minor, because it’s a lie. That’s not enough though. It takes major education and rehabilitation before men even learn about rule number two (let alone, live it)… are the most important person in any relationship with women.

1) Who care what they say. It’s either a lie or a manipulation and usually both. So don’t listen to it.

2) I am the only important person in my relationships (no matter the type) with women.

It’s important to understand the ”woman who is the expception” phenomena. You WILL run into women (probably many women) who seem to not be this way. You will be tempted to break rules 1 and 2. DON’T DO IT! Women are sociopaths….perfect actors. A great many of them are into the whole, “I’m different” thing. They absolutely are NOT. They are the most dangerous because you will think you’ve found the real thing, completely arrange your life, mind and soul around them and then get destroyed. For months or years, you will be so overwhelmingly overjoyed that (unlike all those other losers) you actually have love in your life from a woman who truly cares about you. This is the worst and most insidious of lies and once it is revealed, well, there’s nothing left. Falling for the “woman who is the exception”, is a good way to end up contemplating eating a gun. Don’t do that either. It is possible to have good relationships with women but only if you force it to be on your terms and understand that they are time limited. You enjoy them for as long as they last. Understand that they will be over, probably sooner, rather than later (so you want to leave at the first sign of bad behavior) and you have to constantly engage in behaviors that bring new women into your life.

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