Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bonecrcker #119 - Sleeping With Single Moms and Cohabitating

Unfortunately, I have had experience sleeping with single moms and cohabitating (not both with the same woman, thank God). What I have found is the mother will neglect her children in the extreme in order to spend time with you, doing one perverted thing after another. When she gets tired of you, she will use the children as an excuse to blow you off (sorry I can’t see you anymore, our relationship takes too much time away from my children). If you balk at this, she will take the “how dare you try to get me to neglect my children to satisfy your petty needs” approach. Many guys I know tell me that single mothers try very hard to turn them into a daddy for their kids. Since I make it a point to always be as disreputable as possible, none have tried that tact with me, yet. But I can see where this is a major thing to be careful of and a good reason to enforce a no contact policy with her kids. The worst part of dating a mother is having to endure her constant abuse of her children. The moment you say anything about it, you and her are quits. It’s fucked up.

I learned a very painful lesson cohabitating with a woman for 10 years. That lesson was that  women never truly become attached to any man, no matter how deep or intense the relationship seems, no matter how monogamous or even if you are engaged, married whatever. My woman and I were everything to eachother and planned to get married as soon as we both had our doctorates. I stood by her through incredibly tough times and took care of her, moulding her from the silly bitch she was into a capable and successful professional woman. And she walked out of my life without a second thought, for no discernable reason. Literally, the week before, she made me swear to never leave her and to love her forever. She took our love and murdered it, in exchange for something sick and unworthy.

This anecdote illustrates perhaps THE most important thing about dating American women. The relationships are disposable and the love isn’t real (although you will think it is, no matter how much you know better). Because of this, there is NEVER a reason to have them as anything but a fuck toy. That is what they are for. The choice isn’t yours to make and if you make decisions based on any other understanding, you are in for the ultimate ass kicking. Because of this, it is an extremely bad idea to cohabitate with a woman or allow your lives to become entangled in any way. She WILL be gone, sooner, rather than later, and will rip up any part of your life that is entangled with hers. Live together? Expect to be homeless afterwards. Married? Expect to be divested of your children, your home and your life’s savings.

When it comes to American women, just say no to any sort of closeness or permanent relationship. When you are ready to give up your 5 girlfriends who don’t even know (and don’t care) what your last name is, marry an Asian chick. This is no guarantee of happiness but marriage and sincere love are at least possible.

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