Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Bonecrcker #112 - Who Cares What Women Are Thinking

Who cares what a woman may or may not be thinking inside? What matters is their behavior…..how predictable it is and most importantly, how you can (or cannot) get them to behave. You cannot get them to be honest, not cheat on you or respond positively to virtuous behavior. What you CAN do is get them to treat you nicely in the short term and severely limit the damage they can cause when they inevitably leave.

What’s going on with women is that they are freakin’ psychos. And being insane, it’s impossible to have a sane intimate relationship with them. You can either be forced to have an insane intimate relationship with them or you can have a sane relationship where you keep your distance.

Sad to say but relationships with women in this country are about power, not love. If you give up the former in pursuit of the latter, you will suffer.

However, I agree that one should never blame women for the way they are. Judgement is the first step toward acceptance of responsibility, then forgiveness and redemption. Women just aren’t capable of participating in that. Although men are and always should when necessary.

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