Sunday, April 11, 2004

Bonecrcker #103 - Raising Your Sexual Status

A lot of the problems with American chicks is that a 4 (slightly below average) thinks she is a 6 (slightly above average) who deserves an 8 (high quality). These women never get the 8. However, what they do is randomly screw men who are anywhere from a 1 to a 6. Most of the time they are stuck up, wanting that 8. But much like their eating, which involves several days of strict control followed by a binge once or twice a week, they’d sleep with anybody.

All women are like this, beautiful, ugly, single, married, young, old. Their status is mostly fixed. Most of the time they will only consider that high end range of their status. But alot of the time they will grab a random person from somewhere in a range around their status. Let’s say she is a 6. Most of the time she won’t even glance at any guy who isn’t a 10. But once or twice a month, she’d grab a 4. Once she has sex with that 4, HE BECOMES ONE OF THE GUYS SHE’D HAVE SEX WITH AT ANY TIME.

If you’re a 5 (ie most guys), you either need to limit yourself initially to women who you are a 10 for OR you need to improve your timing and be able to tell when women are in slut mode. Learn where women go when they are about to binge. Learn the behaviors they exhibit so you can first identify them and then exploit them.

Here’s the interesting part. A man’s status is not fixed for the most part. He can climb up the ladder by the number and quality of the women he is with. The average guy becomes a 10 when he is sleeping with 3 or 4 women 8 and above.

Since this is the game women actually play (as opposed to the love/marriage/commitment they lie that they actually want), men should become good at it and play to win.

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