Monday, April 12, 2004

Bonecrcker #104 - Sexual Status is Similar to Employment Status

Sexual status for men is similar to being in the workforce. If you are unemployed and you apply for a job, everyone assumes you are an unemployable loser. But, if you go on exploratory interviews when you already have a job and make it clear that you love your job and would only consider being lured away for a 10% raise, etc. because you feel you could handle more important responsibilities, everyone wants to hire you. If you aren’t getting any, you give off defeated loser vibes and women look at you and assume the reason you have no lover is because you aren’t good enough for one. But as soon as you get one, all the girls just one step above her status-wise want to lure you away. The more women you have at one time, the more valuable you are.

The important thing is what you do after you get the first one. You need to immediately use that status to get another woman (to prevent the first ones leaving from being as leverage against you or becoming “unemployed” again). Then another, and probably one more just to be safe (each one is easier than the last, as long as they are all of the same status). Then you can start working on higher status chicks (younger, sexier/prettier, better personality, educated, wealthy etc.). You climb up the ladder this way. Keeping more than one prevents you from being pushed down the ladder. Any time you allow a woman to become monogamous you get pushed down a few rungs and held in place. You can only go down from there (and she will continuously try to push you down). That’s a big difference between men and women. Men always try to push their women up the ladder and make them and their lives better. Women want to push you down the ladder so they feel justified/safe to degrade you. Don’t let them do this.

The best solution to this problem is to enter a social situation where there are lots and lots of single women who are looking immediately to get a boyfriend. The number one place for that is college. Four year, resident living, slacker colleges (state colleges all the way up to big ten) are best for this. Every fall the freshmen show up and want a boyfriend within a couple of days. Better quality schools, especially engineering schools, aren’t very good because the women who go there are either dykes or neurotic freaks that care only about their GPA. Community colleges are good but only if you go during the day.

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