Saturday, April 24, 2004

Bonecrcker #116 - Can I Ask You A Quick Question? You Married?

I have this thing I do with all women I meet. At some time during the conversation (usually early), I say, “Can I ask you a quick question?” Then I look her right in the eyes and quip, “You single?” If I get anything but a quick, Yes, I say, “then why are you wasting my time.” This has to be done jokingly or they flip out.

This bit has two purposes. The first, obviously, is it is pretty effective at screening out the chicks that are married (ick) or seriously involved (ie living with someone). It firmly but politely explains in no uncertain terms what my position on such things is (a waste of my valuable time). It does this by owning the consequences of the situation. I’m not saying anything about her. I’m saying something about me. She’s not wrong for wanting to cheat (she is but she is never ever going to accept that judgement from me so why bother). It’s just something I don’t want and not wanting it, talking further to her is a waste of my time. It also mildly implies that she knew I wouldn’t want this and was trying to pull a fast one. And I don’t put up with that sort of thing.

The other purpose doing this early upon meeting a woman is it very clearly signals my interest in her as a sexual partner. This simply isn’t the type of question a potential “friend” asks.

Perhaps a third thing it does is let her know that I am the one who qualifies potential partners, not her. She needs to meet certain basic minimum standards, like not being married.

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