Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bonecrcker #107 - Feminism is a Purposefully Destructive Ideology within a Larger Destructive Group

The more we analyze the pattern of feminist ideology, the more clear it becomes that these are NOT just misguided people with values that have destructive consequences. What they are doing, they are doing on purpose, in a shadowy, manipulative, behind-the-scenes manner. None of the actual issues matter to these people (indeed, they tend to flip-flop and have infighting on some issues), but it’s the destructive quality they are after, to rot out the very fabric of our society. And feminists are just a subgroup of a larger group that seems to be involved with this, that have their dirty fingers in most movements, particularly the extreme ones (like BOTH the far right AND the far left). They play them off against each other in whatever way furthers their agenda.

The guys at have a point. They rightly point out certain links between feminists and other dangerous subversive movements. But they are biased and selective at rooting out those links. They abuse this phenomenon to beat up on groups they simply disagree with on certain issues, while turning a blind eye to people who are playing both sides of the fence in whatever way causes the most damage.

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