Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bonecrcker #120 - Women Pairing Up With Black Men Is Almost Always Based On Racism

To be blunt, white women pairing up with black men is almost always based on racism. You see this very clearly in specifically who those black men are. Rich, successful, educated black men have the fewest choices on earth, unfortunately. Black women of the same status are RARE and their access to white men isn’t very great (they don’t want them). Contrast that with black men from the criminal class which have ample numbers of black women of their same status around (sad, but true) and, more importantly, have great access to white women of ALL social status. These women view these men as scum and get involved with them as part of their own downward, self-destructive death spiral.

Contrast what is going on with Asian women and white men. Do you see large numbers of white men from the criminal class hooking up with Asian girls? No. What you see is large numbers of successful, educated white men seeking out Asian girls for the same reasons we do. They are trying to find a woman of quality. Most would prefer a woman from their own culture, just out of ease of access. But finding the well poisoned, they have no choice but to look elsewhere. That elsewhere happens to include various asian cultures, to a large extent. A few guys have an Asian fetish. But most just want a good woman…..and are willing to honor that opportunity by being a good man.

This isn’t a zero sum game, folks. The numbers we are talking about in all situations is quite small. Certainly, the number of white women with black guys does not appreciably lower the access of the average white guy to white women, at all. I can’t really comment about black women’s access to black men or Asian men’s access to Asian women, but it is probably not at all. What limits white men’s access to white women is the pathetically low quality of those women…..making high quality white women extremely rare. Black women (and black men, lol) have this same problem which is a separate issue that, quite frankly, the black community seems to have little interest in addressing. Asian men don’t have that problem and any asian man that is having trouble finding an Asian girl should probably ask himself why they are avoiding him….and fix it. Because, it’s not the white skin the Asian girls want. It’s the way those men treat her.

I’ll go even further than that. I’ve known women like this (even lived with one for a decade). When they aren’t in earshot of black people, they call them niggers. It’s strong, blatant racism. They actually hate minorities (almost as much as they hate themselves). And the only reason they are with a black man is they are looking for a man who is low life scum. They consider any man who is a minority to be low life scum. The more they fit the sterotype, the better. In other words, it’s not the black lawyer they think is attractive; it’s the black gang member.

This is a lot different than fetishism. Fetishism is only a perversion that gets in the way of forming a real attachment to your partner. This is something far more sinister.

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