Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Bonecrcker #92 - The Problem With Whores

The problem with a whore is she takes the obnoxious high risk behavior women engage in to ridiculous extremes. Even with all the crap women do, few are having sexual contacts into the hundreds per year with complete lack of restrictions. However, all whores do this. And a whore that will have sex with you for money will happily have sex with a high risk man, without a condom….for more money. Anyplace (like the United States, for example) where being whore is all about letting men beat you in exchange for speedy drugs, you are almost guaranteed to be exposed to AIDS, many other diseases almost as deadly/nasty, not to mention the criminal element. Just say NO to any westernized woman who has ever worked in the sex for money industry in any capacity. Although every woman has a screw loose, these women have 90% of their screws loose. Quite frankly, your chances of being exposed to AIDS is close to nil, unless you specifically go looking for it by screwing prostitutes or specifically seek out the IV drug user crowd or if you have sex with men.

I cannot comment on the sex for money scene outside the US but I think it’s asking for trouble. Definitely, not something you should even consider unless you spend a significant amount of time investigating the real risks involved. The problem though is there are people with an agenda who don’t want you to have access to that scene, who lie about the risks (which, of course makes people doubt the risk is real). But, there are also people involved in the scene who lie the other way about the risks because denial is a big part of how they handle those risks. The truth is there is significant risk…..of catching AIDS (I actually know a guy who died of AIDS this way), of catching something else just as bad, of being robbed etc., and lots of other stuff. Anyone who tells you different is LYING. What you need is truthful information that allows you to plan behaviors that minimize your risk. If you can’t or simply won’t do that, then the price in terms of risk is probably unacceptably high.

Personally, I wouldn’t consider an American prostitute under any circumstances. They are the worst women on the planet and I’d enter a monastery before I let one of those sick bitches even touch me. I might consider a woman from one of the eastern countries like this but only if she was of such high quality that I would never see a woman like that here, let alone screw her. And I would only do that if I spent a hell of a lot of time minimizing my risk and networking with guys who frequent that specific scene and know what they are doing.

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