Sunday, March 21, 2004

Bonecrcker #81 - You Cannot Change Women

There are three things you need if you want a lot of women to be attracted to you. The first is you need to be in shape. Not being fat is good but being muscular is better. The second thing you need is the right clothes. What are the right clothes? The clothes that women react positively to you in (as opposed to the clothes you want to be wearing). Want to learn more about the right clothes than you ever wanted to know? Go sign up for one of R Don Steele’s workshops on this. Be polite. Steele isn’t known for tolerating bad behavior….at all. The third thing you need is the right attitude. Whole books can and have been written about this. But, the crux of the issue is you must be completely assertive with a woman, have options and be willing to dump women who engage in bad behavior. Steele is a good source and I highly recommend his books.

However, that being said, you cannot change women, you cannot change women, you CANNOT change women. Your relationship is time limited. There is no way around that. You cannot make decisions about women that contradict that fact. If you do you most certainly will suffer. Your ability to enjoy that time with the woman is strictly dependent on how vigilant you are and how much power you cultivate in relationships. Once your power is gone, it’s gone, and you can’t get it back. If you allow a woman to stay when you have no power over her, she will destroy you (dump any woman you don’t have power over, immediately). How do you know you have no power over her? She feels free to engage in bad behavior. Now all women do this a little bit to test you. The difference is when you call her on it, she laughs in your face instead of stopping. Most men give up their power a few weeks into a relationship. Big mistake.

My point here is: don’t spend too much time worrying about theories with regard to women. Stay focussed on behaviours…..learning and refining what works from what doesn’t. There is a hell of a lot out there that sounds good but is worthless. Pull little bits and pieces and test them out. Keep what works and discard the rest.

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