Sunday, March 21, 2004

Bonecrcker #80 - Binge and Purge

99%……99% is the percentage of women who will say no if you approach them at random. They use the binge and purge method of dating. They have a fantasy in their head. The fantasy is different for every girl but isn’t too much in line with what men are typically like. No man who doesn’t match the fantasy is welcome. Time passes and a woman gets desperate for a man and “binges”, taking anyone. Being unhappy with just anyone, she eventually “purges” him, and goes back waiting for her fantasy (which doesn’t exist).

Your chances of catching a woman who is binging is maybe one in ten. If you woo her correctly, she will go for you. The chances of meeting a woman who you match her fantasy is about 1 in a hundred (completely random).

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