Thursday, March 18, 2004

Bonecrcker #77 - Just Say No to Women With Kids

Some things people should know about women with kids. The obvious one is that a woman with a kid (especially if out of wedlock) is a huge warning sign that something is wrong with the woman. She goes out of her way to create bad situations with men and that will include you.

But, not so obvious is the fact that you will be expected to support the kid eventually. That’s the woman’s goal for having a relationship with you in the first place. That is not an appropriate reason. She’s not looking at you as a friend, a lover, a man. She is looking at you as a source of money. But, understand that you are absolutely not welcome to be a father to that child. If you try, she will hurt you and will probably have you hauled off by the police for some made up reason (probably child molestation). Additionally, if you stick around, that child is going to grow up to be criminal scum. First will come the drug use (which you won’t be allowed to stop), then the crime and violence. Some of this will be directed toward the mom (I have direct experience with this wonderful situation) and still, you will not be allowed to intervene.

Lastly, women like this are strongly attracted to men who are criminals or otherwise completely fucked in the head. Her attraction to you is zero. The only reason she is sucking your cock is so you will support her and her child or will in the near future. If she ever understands that you won’t, you are finished. Eventually she will replace you with a criminal type, you being a source of funds or not. She’ll probably want to marry you so that, after the divorce, you will be forced to continue to pay while she fucks her criminal scum.

Let me ask you something. Does this sound like something you would want? Of course not. Don’t believe the bullshit lies that try to make men feel guilty for not wanting women with kids. It’s not that they are an inconvenience (although that is a legitimate reason right there for not dating them). It’s not that men don’t want to be responsible for children in our society (although, this responsibility is NOT yours, it’s hers and her child’s father) It’s that it is an extremely reliable warning sign for extremely bad behavior in the future.

Just say no to women with kids.

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