Sunday, March 28, 2004

Bonecrcker #89 - Identifying Women Who Are Wasting Your Time

Pushy is the difference between a desperate used car salesman and one who is trying to identify high probability sales. The first goes after everybody, cares nothing about their wants and needs and tries to coerce the person into buying something that isn’t in their best interest. The high probability guy is doing the opposite. First, he’s highly selective in who he approaches, only going towards people that seem to be looking for a salesman on the floor. Then, he tries to discover what she wants and needs to see if he has that available. However, if the potential customer doesn’t cooperate with his behaviors designed to establish the fact that he is trustworthy and his behaviors to try an find out what she wants and needs or worse, he finds out she won’t buy from him, even if he identifies something perfect for her, he walks away from the sale, because there is no point and the whole thing is just a waste of both of their time.

Most women are just wasting your time. Even if you are perfect for them, THEY NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF MEETING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. How do you know? They resist your attempts to establish trust. They are vague and elusive when you try to find out if you are a good match for them. They waste your time incessantly even after it becomes clear they don’t want you. But most of all, after you have established trust and found out you are what they want and need, they won’t meet you in person (arrrrgh). When you try to convince them that they should meet you, they react the same way as if you were trying to pressure them into meeting you when they aren’t attracted to you at all. They call you pushy. If you try to get them to contact you without establishing trust and/or they aren’t attracted to you, then you actually are pushy. However, most men don’t do this. What’s going on is they have established trust and identified themselves as a good match. The problem is the woman just isn’t really looking at all. Calling you pushy in this case is a manipulative attempt to deny responsibility for her own behavior. The only way to handle both of these situations is to just walk away.

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