Monday, March 29, 2004

Bonecrcker #90 - There is No Point in Approaching Any Woman Who Doesn't Look At You And Go "Yum"

There is absolutely no point in approaching any woman who doesn’t look at you physically and go…yum. So, your picture should be upfront, probably several, showing you in great detail, as a screening device to get rid of women you have no chance with. Even that isn’t good enough because the picture is a poor representation of you in person and can’t convey body language, speech, smell, mannerisms, whatever (one of the reasons I think online personals are a waste of time). Somewhere between 1 and 10% of women will look at you and go yum. However, very few of them will be open to you for one reason or another, mostly for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

The number one reason a woman might not be open is because women choose men the way that bulimics choose food……they binge. A bulimic will deny her normal urge to eat and starve herself for long periods of time and then lose control and gorge herself on food that is bad for her, then shame herself afterward. As the disease progresses, the shame becomes addicting and she engages in this behavior for masochistic reasons, to feel the shame (ick). Women look at you and go, yum, but (unless you are very good at enticing them) they will deny their normal need for sex, love, companionship and intimacy, because they are holding out for Fabio. Of course the average woman never meets Fabio or Donald Trump or James Bond or whatever her wacko fantasy of perfect is, and after awhile her unmet needs overwhelm her. Then she grabs just anybody, usually the scum of the earth because they are easy to get. She feels shame afterward. BUT, she becomes addicted to the shame (identifies herself as being a bad person) and seeks out that type of partner more and more. You absolutely don’t want one of these freaks in the advanced stages of the illness.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn ways to know which women are looking at you and going yum, focus exclusively on those women, with the main goal of finding out if they are currently restricting themselves or not. THAT behavior is the one that pays dividends with women. That and learning how to entice women. Trying to approach and convince women to like you is COMPLETELY ineffective, except for the rare case where a guy gets a live one, by pure luck.

Or you could do it the hard and painful way and approach two or three hundred women at random and see who bites.

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