Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Bonecrcker #76 - Most Women Are In Relationships That Aren't Fun

Most women right now are in relationships that are decidedly un-fun. Either they are busy being abused by the lowest end of the gene pool or they are busy abusing some man who is her meal ticket. Women are sick, not demanding or spoiled or shallow or interested in pleasure. I have learned this MANY times by trying to be the “fun” women are supposedly seeking….interesting, dynamic, good looking with a nice body, rich, with obvious signs of power and wealth and good in bed. You never realize just how far women have fallen until some girl you previously spent 5 or 6 hour fuck sessions where she is multiply orgasmic the entire time, dumps you for an impotent drug user with no job. This has happened to me more than once.

Women are sick. It’s the explanation that fits their behavior. When I tailor MY behavior to take this into account, my interactions with them work better. Specifically, my behavior is geared toward enjoyment of them while putting severe limits on their destructive behavior. I never lean on them for even the slightest thing. I never become entwined with them (they are sick and will make me sick if I make them part of my life). I never listen to anything they say and instead watch what they do. Also, I have stopped trying to take my quality as a man to extremes (it just doesn’t work). I am still a man, but I’m that way for myself, not for them. I still work out but I no longer try to be Jean Claude Van Damme in a tailored Brooks Brothers suit. When I’m with them, what I want is important. Pleasing them is not important (and not effective). Spending time with them revolves around sex (sex for my pleasure, not theirs) and going out to do things I like to do (not what they like to do). Most of all, I limit myself to only women who already feel a certain way about me (it’s mostly random). And, it’s time limited. It’s ALWAYS time limited. She eventually self-destructs. I can’t do anything about that. But, she wants to take me with her. I most certainly CAN do something about that. This ALWAYS happens. Like I said, women are sick. They don’t choose men. They don’t go after what they want. They don’t tend the garden of their lives. They fall into relationships when they can’t do without anymore (the binge and purge method of relationships). In short, they take absolutely no responsibility for anything in their lives. Since that is a recipe for disaster; I can’t be a part of that except in the most incidental fashion. So I don’t.

All of these things work with women. They don’t work as well as being a scumbag musician like Tommy Lee does, but it works. Providing excitement, thrills, entertainment and trying to please her does not work. Doing what she wants doesn’t work. Understanding her does not work. Talking to her does not work. Neither does accumulating wealth, power or prestige (although infamy does work).

Women are sick. Learn the depths and means of their sickness and plan accordingly.

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