Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Bonecrkcer #85 - The Bible is Anti-Woman?

Feminists would have you believe the bible is anti-woman and a tool men use to oppress women. Many people swallow that crap and abandon the bible as a source of wisdom and abandon religion and belief in God as being made up to enslave people. They never stop to ask three things. One, is what the bible saying true? Two, does the point seem to be mean spirited, oppressive or hateful toward women? And three, being simply an arbitrary collection of other books the early Christians used, is everything in it of equal value or is some of it correct and some of it wrong?

For the most part, the bible isn’t anti-woman and much of what’s in there about women and how to deal with them is correct. Further, those who say different seem to have an agenda of separating people from their faith as a means of controlling them (ironic that they should claim the faith controls them, lol). It’s important to examine these ideas and try to see if you can verify if they are true or not by observing their application in everyday life. Because it is only that process that can sort out the truth from the crap.

There is great danger in not doing that process. Because you can easily accept attitudes, philosophies and beliefs as true, even though they support behaviours that don’t work. People get attached to these and then start selectively attending to (or even making up) “evidence” that supports their position while desperately denying whatever contradicts it. That makes you powerless and usually results in intense suffering. Instead, what people should do is something almost like the scientific method. Treat the beliefs as a theory. Then try to hypothesize what will happen in specific situations when you choose behavior based on the theory. When the hypothesis is correct, it adds evidence that the theory is strong. Replace weak theories with strong ones, making your behavior more and more effective.

My point is the bible isn’t misogynistic. It’s warning of the problems inherent in women that have been with us from the beginning. Specifically it’s warning us not to be tolerant of them or we end up with the type of problems we are starting to see today. But there are people who actually DO hate women. They use the problems that men are starting to wake up to as a chance to sneak a bunch of stuff in there that isn’t true, particularly in regard to how to deal with women. They advocate punishing women and causing them pain. Those men are fools but tough to distinguish from the real information that is becoming available (after all, there was a time for each of us that we would never have believed the things we know about women today). Hence, the warning to always test ideas about women and techniques to deal with them. Only retain what you can observe for yourself and keep those techniques that work. Why? Because, if you don’t, the crap will prevent you from seeing things as they really are and will disempower you.

A "misogynistic" quote from the Bible is a good example of people throwing bullshit at you in an attempt to get you to dismiss ideas that might illuminate the truth and lead to powerful ways of dealing with things. If you never questioned the idea that what the Bible says about women is motivated by hatred, it would slide right by you. There are ALOT of people walking around that absolutely hate Christianity because they accept little tidbits without examination. They have been skilfully and purposefully separated from their faith by people who want to manipulate them. Feminists are only one of these types of people.

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