Sunday, March 14, 2004

Bonecrker #73 - There Really Are Only Two Safe Subjects To Talk About With Women

There really are only two safe, effective topics to talk to women about in a social situation. The first is easy. You talk about her. And by talk I really mean you don’t say anything except leading questions. Women will talk for hours about themselves this way. Afterward, they will think you are the most brilliant conversationalist in the entire world. However, you can’t comment, editorialize, or even share similar experiences with her about anything she says. Her attitude is "who the hell are you to comment on my life?" It doesn’t really matter if the comment is good or bad, lol. It’s fucked up, but it is what it is. The second thing that is effective when talking with women is to bust their balls in a teasing, light-hearted, humorous way. This is very difficult to do (ie, it’s a specialized skill that you learn with practice) without crossing a line and outright insulting them. But, if you do it right, it has the opposite effect of saying something complimentary to her. She assumes her status is lower than yours. Then she feels flattered that someone who is higher status than her is bothering to talk to her. The really screwed up ones will respond positively to rude, degrading and insulting behavior for this reason (must it be said that you want NOTHING to do with any woman like that).

The last thing to know about talking to women in situations like this is your body language. There are several techniques in controlling your own body language that make you look open, non-threatening, and at the same time, being on sexual display. Although you cannot control who becomes attracted to you, when you do this, the odds are that someone, sometimes several someones, will become attracted to you when you do this. Don’t approach any woman at all. Instead, only talk to women who approach you. Usually, one will. The one who does so first will usually be the one who is most desperate (and usually married, ugly, or otherwise inappropriate……low on the pecking order) And all the others will be carefully examining how you act with her. Act appropriately and she will eventually go away and someone higher up on the food chain will approach you.

Men, in these situations, are just hanging out, bonding, gabbing, whatever. But women. Women are engaging in something complicated and specific with unwritten, yet rigid, rules of behavior. Break the rules and you will be ostracized. And common sense doesn’t apply.

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