Friday, March 26, 2004

Bonecrcker #87 - Abuse Is A Game You Can't Win

Abuse is a game you can’t win. As a matter of fact, the main purpose of abuse is to get you to abuse her. Once a relationship has devolved into abuse it becomes very unstable and feeds off the abuse. This often involves slow but steady escalation. The only way to handle this is to terminate the relationship, quickly and permanently. Having other options (ie other women) is an excellent technique to absolutely prevent abuse. Women whine incessantly that men are abusers but that’s a lie. The truth is that, mysteriously, abuse is completely absent when a man reserves options (forbids monogamy and living together). Quite literally, physical and verbal abuse is a cycle that women start, women maintain, and women escalate. Making it clear that the relationship is over at the very FIRST sign of this, is 100% effective in preventing all abuse. Don’t ever put up with the slightest bad behavior. You don’t have to play that game. Doing so makes you a loser.

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