Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Bonecrcker #91 - Could She Just Walk Out Of Your Life?

Could? Will is more like it. She WILL walk out of your life without remorse. This is a concept you absolutely must understand when dealing with western women. She WILL walk out of your life without remorse AND, depending on how embedded she was in your life, cause varying levels of problems WHEN she leaves AND, depending on how fucked up she is, try to harm you and/or any children you have together, up to the limit you allow her to.

You cannot ignore the implications of this when you decide what type of relationship to have with a woman. Choose wisely and in such a way that it limits the mischief she causes. Or else…..

Also, when she is with you, she is in no way limiting herself just to you. Another thing to know about before deciding if monogamy (a scam) is for you. You never know about it, but she is actively looking for other men the entire time she is with you and goes through a string of men (whether you are married, living together or just dating), the entire time you know her. You can’t let her know you know because she will just deny it and step up her search for your replacement. The moment she finds one, you’re gone.

Lastly, the moment a woman “has you”, she no longer wants you and will stop trying. The moment you accept the monogamous relationship, the bad behavior starts and she will soon be gone. You can’t keep her. But, you can make her stay around longer by making her compete.

So, should you cheat on her? No, that’s something a pussy whipped man, who is unworthy of respect, does. The only thing that will earn bad behavior more than monogamy is lying about monogamy. Do you lay down the law and say, look bitch; I just want pussy from you? Maybe. That works, but only with the most fucked up women. These women are into finding new and interesting ways to make themselves and you suffer…..avoid them. The best way to do this is to never allow the monogamous relationship to form in the first place. You must rigidly control how fast and how deep the relationship develops. You must set limits. You must say no to everything she asks for. And you must severely limit the time you spend with any particular woman (once every two weeks is a good rule of thumb). Make the time you spend with her, intense, but limited (ie valuable). She will inevitably ask why. The answer should always be vague, never defensive, and always some version of, I’m a busy man with a limited amount of time. Never allow her to think you are monogamous with her or that the relationship is getting serious but don’t rub her face in the fact that you see other women (nobody’s business but yours). Don’t allow her to make you accountable for time you spend away from her. Don’t let her leave shit at your apartment. And, whatever you do, don’t stop your behaviors designed to meet new women. In fact, since you have a woman, it’s a good time to step up those behaviors because this magically makes you much more attractive to women in general (and the effect is cumulative).

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