Monday, March 08, 2004

Bonecrker #67 - No Woman is "Out of Your League"

What I mean by leagues is who is the woman hanging around. There are certain groups of people who only mingle among themselves and don’t allow outsiders to join them. Many women lie, and say they are out of your league. What they mean by this is they have confused their ideal of looks with an ideal that everyone has. They aren’t attracted to you, so you must be ugly (the biggest, most common lie women tell us). Unless she is going to parties over at Bill Gates house, or is the CEO of a company, she is most definitely in your league. You could line 100 of her up (not that difficult to do) and one of them would go, “Oh yeah, baby, you’re the guy for me”. The exact same number that you would get if you lined up 100 truck stop waitresses, etc. We all pretend there are stratifications among the 90% of everyone who is average. But, there aren’t. Not in our culture. Instead, people pair up in a semi-random way, controlled mostly by whomever happens to be hanging around. But, who says you have to limit yourself to who is hanging around? Once you know about this situation, you can go looking for it. You’ll be shocked by what you find.

The problem is that one doesn’t whistle at you as you walk down the street. You need to do things to get her to reveal herself. Meanwhile, she is home alone, wondering why great guys like you never give her the time of day. Hilarious.

Try this experiment on a regular basis. Dress up in a reasonable fashion (ie wear normal clothes that are clean and in reasonable condition…bathe and be groomed). Then go to the mall and walk around. Keep an open posture at all times, relaxed with a open look on your face and a slight smile….and just stroll around. Every time you pass a woman, look her in the eye for a second or two. Do this a hundred times and think about the results. Most women will do some form of avoiding your gaze. An obnoxious minority will make a face at you (stupid bitches). A significant number will be open and friendly toward you. And one or two will look like they want to knock you down, rip your clothes off and fuck you right there. Be sure to smile and nod at any woman who looks like that…..if you want her or not. Why, because it shows very clearly the next step. Your smile and nod are the first step of talking to her and getting her as a part of your life. Notice the dramatic difference in her behavior vs every other freaking woman you ever have contact with. Only women who are like this are really worth any significant amount of your time. Only women in the “friendly” category are worth being nice to. Everyone else can go fuck themselves. Why? Because it has nothing to do with you. Only with them.

But, most importantly, note the randomness of the whole damn thing. Ugly girls laugh in your face, moms with kids being open and friendly, nuns and teenage sex goddesses looking at you with lust…..all at random. All hidden until you went looking for it.

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