Friday, March 12, 2004

Bonecrcker #71 - Not All Women Are Like That! (NAWALT)

I’ve said this before but I think [it is] necessary for me to bring it up again. And that is a little thing called "the woman who is the exception" phenomena. This is something that most men who have some inkling that something is seriously wrong with American women, will fall prey to, sometimes, more than once.

What happens is, men, knowing that most women are fucked up in a malevolent way, start to think to themselves, hey, they can’t ALL be like that. This is true. There is a certain (extremely small) percentage of westernized women who aren’t like this. So, the man, being more clued in than most men, starts to think to himself, "Well, all I gotta do is figure which women are like this and only go after them." Or, they think, "Well, all I need to do is change my behavior so that only nice, normal women, develop relationships with me." ALOT of us have been there, including myself, more than once, mind you.

The problem with this is the “woman who is the exception” phenomena. What’s going on here is the knowledge that something is seriously wrong with women is starting to become widespread. A great many men are looking at women who display warning signs and avoiding them. More often, they are taking steps to prevent relationships from becoming too deep (ie, they avoid monogamy, avoid living together and avoid marriage like the plague). This causes a problem for the average predatory female. The worst can’t get a man, at all. And most find that all the desirable men are putting severe limits on their power over them. So, to cope with this, they have come up with the “woman who is the exception” phenomena. What they do is present a facade that they aren’t like all the other women. They go out of their way to present themselves as normal, mentally healthy, committed and loving. Unfortunately, it is a lie. As soon as you surrender even the least bit of power to them, they reveal themselves as just like everyone else. Women who actually are the exception are EXTREMELY rare. Women who pretend to be the exception are common as dirt (and you WILL meet one, trust me). You cannot tell the difference. You will find yourself in a bad situation with no power to prevent it.

The lesson to be learned here is you absolutely cannot stop those behaviours you have developed to maintain power and choice in your life and your relationships. Number one in those behaviours is you cannot be married. You can hem and haw and deny and argue, but the evidence is literally all around you. EVERY man who gets married becomes completely powerless in his relationship (as in the police will come to your door and kick your ass, throw you in jail, take everything you own and maybe shoot you in the head if you say boo about it, type of powerless). Most men who get married are abused. You can’t get married. End of story. You also can’t  live together. Why? Because you end up being forced to get married. Often this happens by the woman getting pregnant on purpose. If not, she will make it common law, and then you might as well just get married. Lastly, you can’t be monogamous (ALL relationships with American women, married, engaged, living together, dating or just fucking, are ALL 100% disposable from her point of view). Why? Because, if you do, she will systematically manipulate your needs and desires to control you into first living with her and then getting married. At the very least, your ability to tell her to get lost becomes severely compromised. Also, there is absolutely no point. She is absolutely emotionally detached from you at all times and will walk away without a second thought. You will never, ever suspect that this is where she is coming from until she does it, leaving your entire life devastated.

Everything in this life has a cost. This is the cost of dating American women. If you don’t pay it, you’ll pay much more in other ways. Most men want a woman who is not like this. But, realistically, you aren’t going to find her here.

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